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6.500 people visited the II Open Source World Conference Malaga 2006 organised under the motto “Freedom and Innovation”

The II Open Source World Conference celebrated in Malaga exceeded all expectations regarding participation. Altogether approximately 6.500 people participated in this three-day encounter in February. The event included 200 moderators from 29 countries, among them authorities in the area of Free and Open Source Software and representatives of public institutions, companies, telecommunications and academics. This second conference was organised by the regional government of Andalusia (Junta) in collaboration with the regional government of Extremadura (Junta), as well as important companies and entities of the sector.

The motto of this 2006 edition was “Freedom and Innovation” and was intended to demonstrate that Free and Open Source Software is a consolidated reality, a powerful, strong and secure solution, capable of building information systems in any organisation, and that, at the same time, it operates as a motivating force for civil integration, able to surmount social and economic barriers erected against the revolution of knowledge, placing open and high-quality computer developments at everyone’s disposal.

The Andalusian Counsellor of Innovation, Science and Enterprise, Francisco Vallejo, and the General Director of Information Technology of the European Commission, Francisco García Morán, were inaugurating this II Conference. Francisco Vallejo valued “the potential of the Free and Open Source Software as leverage of innovation and convergence between the public and private sectors, as well as between company and university, users and professionals”.

The General Secretary of Telecommunications and Society of Information Technology, Ana M. Peña, pointed out during the closing ceremony that the foreseen targets had been met in this edition, where “the Free and Open Source Software was consolidated as a model for the future for companies, as well as for administrations”.

During the closing ceremony, Carlos Castro, General Director of the Society of Information Technology of the regional government of Extremadura (Junta) anticipated that the next meeting of this Conference will be celebrated in Badajoz next year with the motto “a challenge for the imagination”. During this event, the possibilities of Free and Open Source Software will be demonstrated, opening it to the public.

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